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Welcome to Biology of Lizards 2     2024

Dale DeNardo holding Gila Monster .jpeg
Jonathan Losos in costa rica 3.jpg

Dale F. DeNardo, DVM, PhD

Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Losos, PhD

Honored Guest

aaron in lab 2023 cropped.jpg
French, Susannah w SF Iguana Cyclura  copy.JPG

Susannah French, PhD

Plenary Speaker

Aaron M. Bauer, PhD

Banquet Speaker

DANIEL ARIANO photo August 2023 .jpg
Stacey Weiss Preferred-3c copy.jpg

Daniel Ariano-Sánchez, PhD

Invited Speaker

Stacey Weiss, PhD

Invited Speaker

Robert Hill   BOL2 2024  .jpeg
person icon.png

Robert L. Hill

Invited Speaker

Rowland Griffin, PhD

Invited Speaker

Melissa A. Wilson, PhD

Invited Speaker

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