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Dr. Barry Sinervo

Barry Sinervo, Ph.D., Full Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz, is an evolutionary biologist who conducts research on Behavioral Ecology, Game Theory and the Biotic Impacts of Climate Change. He received his HBSc from Dalhousie University with a double major in mathematics and biology, Ph.D. from the Zoology Department, University of Washington, and was a Miller Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. Early in his career he discovered the first biological example of the rock-paper-scissors game, played out in nature by the Side-blotched Lizard. He is co-author with Dan Friedman of a book titled: “Evolutionary Games in Natural, Social and Virtual Worlds” (Oxford University Press, February 2016). He is currently researching contemporary extinctions of reptiles and amphibians and changes in plant communities driven by climate change, at sites distributed on five continents, leading a multinational research team of scientists developing physiological models of the biotic impacts of climate change on diverse biological systems, and measuring the biotic impacts of climate from equatorial sites to polar regions. Dr. Sinervo gives workshops on climate change science at institutions around the world.  He is also Director of the UC-wide Institute for the Study of the Ecological and Evolutionary Climate Impacts, a research consortium funded by a UC Presidential Research Catalyst Award, studying biotic impacts of climate change across the UC Natural Reserve System of California. 

Talk title:

The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game Everywhere (in Lizards, Salamanders, and other Vertebrates)