Banquet Speaker

Dr. Laurie J. Vitt

Laurie Vitt, Ph.D., is an American biologist interested in the evolutionary history of ecological traits of reptiles, particularly squamates. He is currently a Curator and George Lynn Cross Professor Emeritus from the Sam Noble Museum and the University of Oklahoma. Following several post-docs (Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo; University of Michigan, and University of Georgia) he worked as a research ecologist at the Savannah River Ecology Lab. In 1982 he took a faculty position at UCLA where he taught and conducted research. In 1990, he was offered a position at the Sam Noble Museum where he stayed until retiring in 2012. Laurie’s research accomplishments include more than 250 peer-reviewed publications and seven books, including three editions of a Herpetology text book that has been used around the world. He is a Corresponding Member of the Brazilian Academy of Science and has received several awards, including the 2012 Distinguished Herpetologist Award given by the Herpetologists’ League, the 2007 Distinguished Alumnus Award, College of Sciences and Technologies, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, and two awards for the book Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity (2003) published by the University of California Press, Berkeley (Eric R. Pianka and Laurie J. Vitt). Dr. Vitt currently lives in Tubac, Arizona and continues with collaborative research.

Talk title:

Lizard Stories: From Basic Observations to Hypothesis Testing