Species of Crotaphytus Endemic to Mexico

Oldfield, Barney

443 CR 110

Hesperus, CO USA


The lizard family Crotaphytidae is strictly North American with 12 recognized species in two genera (Crotaphytus and Gambelia). Four of the nine species of Crotaphytus are naturally found only in Mexico. Both C. antiquus (Sierra San Lorenzo Texas and Sierra Solis in extreme southwestern Coahuila) and C. grismeri (Sierra de Los Cucapás and contiguos Sierra el Mayor, Baja California) are restricted to isolated mountain ranges. Crotaphytus insularis is endemic to Isla Angel de la Guarda in the Gulf of California, and C. dickersonae is found only on Isla Tiburon and the adjacent western coastline of Sonora. Photographic records and field observations were made on all four of these species of Crotaphytus from 2005 to 2017. I will discuss details with respect to phylogeny, morphology, habitat, behavior, status and legal protective actions