Guest Organizer

Lawrence L. C. Jones, MS

Lawrence L. C. Jones, MS, has worked as a biologist in California, the Pacific Northwest, and Arizona, primarily in the research and management branches of federal agencies. Although he has always gravitated toward herpetology, he has also worked with flying squirrels, martens, fishes, arthropods, and birds. In the Northwest, his herpetological studies focused on salamanders and tailed frogs (“wet herps”), while in Arizona he switched more to reptiles (“dry herps”). After 30 years in the federal government, he retired in his beloved Tucson, Arizona, and there he continued with his passions to study desert-dwelling animals and write about them. Larry is currently involved in two field studies: a long-term monitoring project of lizards of southeastern Arizona, and a study of habitat affinities of scorpions of the Tucson Mountains.


Larry has published about 100 papers, chapters, and books on various natural history topics. His books from the Northwest include Amphibians of Washington and Oregon and Amphibians of the Pacific Northwest. In the Southwest, he is mostly known for Lizards of the American Southwest and Habitat Management Guidelines for Amphibians and Reptiles of the Southwestern United States. He has recently submitted a new book for publication, Venomous Animals of the American Southwest, which covers vertebrates and invertebrates of land and sea, from California and Hawaii to Texas.