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Dr. Geoffrey C. Carpenter


Dr. Geoffrey C. Carpenter, (Ph.D.), is President, Chief of Design, Fabricator and Janitor at Herptech Metalworks in Bosque Farms, NM where he makes biologically inspired metal art. Dr. Carpenter earned his B.S. at University of Oklahoma (1982), M.S. University of Wyoming (1984), Ph.D. New Mexico State University (1991), and was a postdoc at Colorado State University (1992-1995). He has been an instructor, researcher, and consultant throughout the western U.S.  Geoff attributes his passion for the world around him to his awesome parents and his fantastic upbringing. He was raised in Norman, OK, where his father Charles, a herpetologist, was a professor at the University of Oklahoma, and his mother was a biochemist at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Geoff spent his summers on Lake Texoma at the OU Biological Station, where he was exposed to lots of interesting aspects of nature, professors, students and grad students. 2019 will be the 20th consecutive year that Carp (one of Geoff’s river monikers) has rafted the Grand Canyon, (which he considers his “church”) chasing herps on science trips and guides training trips and taking commercial guests hiking, cooking them gourmet meals and striving to inoculate them with appreciation of Mother Nature. Geoff loves his daughter, his dogs, guitars, good music, the satisfaction of a completed metal creation, being outdoors every moment he possibly can, and savoring life!

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