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Dr. Gordon W. Schuett

Dr. Gordon W. Schuett is an evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist. He has conducted extensive laboratory and field research on reptiles, primarily focused on venomous snakes, but also has published on lizards, turtles, and amphibians. His most significant contributions cover topics on mate competition and winner-loser effects, long-term sperm storage, mating systems, seasonal steroid hormone cycles of pitvipers, and facultative parthenogenesis in snakes. He is senior editor of the peer-reviewed book, Biology of the Vipers (Eagle Mountain Publishing, 2002) and senior editor of the peer-reviewed book (2 volumes), Rattlesnakes of Arizona (ECO Publishing, 2016). Gordon is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Georgia State University and Director of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Chiricahua Desert Museum. 

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